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Marijuana Establishments

The state of Nevada has legalized both medical and recreational marijuana as of 2018. An entire industry of cultivators, distributors, and dispensaries has sprung up in a short time. Nevada has stringent rules concerning employees of marijuana establishments. Numerous licenses and work cards are required.

All applicants for employment in a marijuana establishment are required to have fingerprints and passport photos done as part of their employment process.

Note that most marijuana applicants will require BOTH medical and recreational licenses. These are technically two separate licenses and therefore, require two separate fingerprint procedures. As a result, when you come in you will have to be fingerprinted two times and have to pay two fees. Make sure you bring in the fingerprint form in your license application. We have to fill out part of this form and stamp it. You can not just show it to us on your phone or computer screen. We must see a printed copy so we can validate it.

Medical Marijuana Fingerprint Fee: $65.00 

Recreational Marijuana Fingerprint Fee: $65.00 

If you need both medical and recreational licenses, the fee is $130.00.

2″ x 2″ Photo: Included!

Complete Package (Medical + Recreational + Photo): $130.00


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